The cast of the final “Twilight” film all got their dancing shoes on last weekend for a showbiz party.

According to HollywoodLife the cast of vampires and werewolves joined forces off screen over the weekend in what they are calling “a crazy fun Saturday night!”

The Volturi and Cullens were shooting their promotional posters that same day and it seemed to have doubled as a farewell bash, since most of the Volturi scenes have been shot and stars such as Dakota Fanning will be leaving.

Here is what some of the stars tweeted…

Peter Facinelli (Dr Carlisle Cullen): ”Photo shoot today for BD … maybe I can put a request to be Mr. November Vampire in the calendar. That’s my bday month.”

Andrea Gabriel (Kebi): “Crazy fun Saturday night. Crazy brutal Sunday morning (um, afternoon)… These vampires sure can party.

Cameron Bright (Alec): “Yesterday was Volturi photo shoot and press day. Not sure when the interviews for media will be aired so stay tune.”

Daniel Cudmore (Felix): “I was a dancing machine last night!”