READ MORE- Kristen Stewart spotted with another man while Robert Pattinson is out of town- SEE VIDEO

When Robert Pattinson boarded a plane London bound during the holidays, his on-and-off screen loves, Kristen Stewart was spotted on a dinner date with her co-star Garrett Hedlund in LA.

Gossip hounds are reporting that Rob was none too pleased by the news.

“Rob went home to London to spend Christmas with his family and Kristen stayed in the States to spend Christmas with her family. They both agreed on spending the holiday apart, but would ring in the New Year together,”according to a source.

“But, on Christmas Eve, Kristen hit the town with Garrett and when Rob heard about he got really jealous. She knows that Rob is jealous of Garrett and to go out with him while he’s miles and miles away did not sit well with him.

“They had a huge fight over it. Kristen didn’t mean anything by it. Garrett is her friend and he happened to be around. She was apologetic to Rob, but that didn’t satisfy his jealousy.

“After they hung up, Rob called on some friends and went out hitting the pubs in London. Kristen tried to call Rob on his cell, but he wouldn’t pick up. He finally called her the next day and they two smoothed the whole thing out. They spent New Year’s Eve together.”

In other “Twilight” news, Robert, Kristen and Taylor Lautner are all expected to turn out later tonight for The People’s Choice Awards in LA. Each of the co-stars are nominated for awards for the performances in the vampire cult saga.