Somehow I don't think the latest story about "The Twilight Saga's" favorite duo are true.

Look magazine has just come out with an article which says Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are busily planning to have a voodoo wedding before the end of this year.

That seems exceedingly unlikely. Except for the presses constant coverage of this pair, and of course the fact that they've spent the last three years playing roles in vampire movies, I've seen nothing to point to the fact that they're not just regular ordinary, nice boring folks…not the types who would be into voodoo weddings.

The Look article says "Kristen is quite dark so she wants a ceremony performed by a New Orleans voodoo priestess. According to their source they're "keen to keep the details of the service secret.”

Also, of course, the pair, won't be getting rings they will be getting matching hip tattoos.

Thankfully a sensible source laughed when GossipCop mentioned these rumors to them.