Rob Pattinson is about to run for the hills and desert Kristen Stewart according to several reports.

It is hard to blame him. Kristen has been making the oddest comments in recent weeks and Rob feels it is damaging his own reputation

Stewart created a a major fuss when hen she declared that she feels “raped... by the paparazzi”. She also became very angry with a photographer and demanded her fans stop taking her picture.

Then she said she also had a crazy stalker.

”Rob is worried that being associated with Kristen will harm his career.He’s worked far too hard to get where he is to let it all come crashing down because of someone else’s actions.”says a source

“He’s distancing himself from Kristen more and more. He says, ‘If she wants to ruin things for herself, then let her! But she won’t be dragging me down with her!’”

I agree with Rob, Kristen seems to be suffering from some kind of trauamatic stress at present and needs some time off or therapy.

Rob sees the tree is falling and wants to get out of the way.

Who can blame him?