Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been well treated by the tabloids so far but we can expect a nastier, harder edge in the future I believe.

They are young and beautiful and the world is in love with them , but so were Brad and Angelina once and then the tabloids turned on them with a vengeance.

One tabloid reporter I spoke to told me that ' It was only a matter of time" before stories about Rob and Kristen would take a negative turn.

"Remember all those stories about Brad being manipulated and dominated by Angelina?" he said, "those are the kind of tales you are going to see."

"There are huge sales out there for the first gossip mag that starts reporting the 'inside' scoop he says. It is just the way that Hollywood works."

Which is a shame seeing as they seem to be such a normal natural couple.

Let's hope the Brangelina type coverage never happens.