Rihanna & Dudley O'Shaughnessy
The 23-year-old beauty - who has been romantically linked to Dudley after previously dating singer Chris Brown and baseball star Matt Kemp - chose the hunk to take part in her new music video for single 'We Found Love' and was smitten with him from the minute they met.

She said: "I met him and I was like let's f***ing kiss and ... you know what I mean. We had to pretend how to fake f**k."

Rihanna wasn't the only one who was happy to film the steamy scenes for the new video, with Dudley saying: "I didn't want it to end."

Rihanna and Dudley were particularly taken with each other during the shoot with crew members revealing they were constantly flirting.

A source said: "Rihanna was making no secret that she fancied the pants off Dudley. They hit it off straight away. She had seen his modelling shots and other pictures when he was a boxer.

"Rihanna took every opportunity to get close to him and at one point she was sitting in his lap during a break from filming. She's very tactile anyway, but this was something else.

"Dudley was giggling like a schoolboy when she had to shoot a scene in a see-through top. She was teasing him with a peak of her cleavage and winking at him.

"Dudley can't believe his luck. Rihanna's girlfriends are teasing her, singing songs about her romance."