Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England are quite possibly related as cousins, researchers believe.

It has been revealed by British genealogists that the 85-year old monarch and the Hollywood heartthrob are 20th cousins. However, the claim relies heavily on an undocumented but well known marriage between Yorkshireman Richard Denton and Helen Windebank in the 1600s and so cannot be verified 100 per cent.

It has been reported that Dr. Nick Barratt said: "When I examined Johnny's history I discovered a likely connection to the royal family. I believe the balance of probability is that there is indeed a link between Depp and the royals but I doubt we'll ever be able to prove it 100 per cent."

Johnny Depp, whose latest 'Pirates of the Caribbean' saga opens in theaters Friday, who as a possible great-great-great...(continue until 20th) cousin was not invited to Prince William and Kate's wedding. The mirror reports Depp's more immediate ancestors were farmers who settled in Virginia in the 1700s, so not as far across the pond as Great Britain.



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