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The 41-year-old actress – who was due to present an award at the Los Angeles ceremony on Sunday night – pulled out of the event and traveled to Pennsylvania with her partner after his dad Charles, 71, passed away on Saturday following a long illness.

To add to the couple’s distress, the fire department had to be called to the Cooper family home on Sunday after a fire broke out.

A Police Department supervisor revealed: "It was not a very major fire. We didn't have to use hoses. It was out within a few minutes. Pretty much the fireplace got a little out of control."

Renee – who has been dating the actor for around 18 months - is very close to Bradley’s family and was often spotted spending time with Charles and his wife mother Gloria in Los Angeles without the actor.

A source said recently: "She's comfortable enough with them that she doesn't need Bradley around. She liked showing his parents around town, and she seems very happy lately. They're kind of like one big happy family already."

Retired Merrill Lynch stockbroker Charles will be familiar to 36-year-old Bradley’s fans after he made a cameo appearance in ‘The A-Team’ last year.

Of working with his father, Bradley said: "It was one of the best experiences of my life. The guy loves to improvise... I had to calm him down! He wanted to improvise with Jessica Biel. He was supposed to stay in his seat, but he got up and the camera had to start moving. He wanted to have a conversation with Jessica!"

Charles is survived by his wife Gloria, son Bradley, daughter Holly and sister Nancy Peacock. Funeral arrangements have been kept private.