With all the different stories about the internationally loved due Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson it’s really getting hard to know what relationship rumors are true and which ones are not.

Let’s remember the poor twenty-something starlets have never actually admitted in public that they are a dating. And I think we can all agree that that kiss at the MTV Awards was staged.
For example, just today Hollywood Life has reported that Stewart has Pattinson “in check”.

Their story says that while he’s one set filming his latest film “Water for Elephants” he has made a point of not flirting with any of the girls on nights out. Apparently the girls of Tennessee were not impressed.

Another website questions whether the star-crossed lovers commitment will last while they are separated, because of work commitments, over the summer.

Other stories say that Taylor Lautner, their “Twilight” costar and Stewart have been getting closer and question if Pattinson is rising to the bait as Stewart flirts with Lautner. The same site (Peace FM Online) said that a reliable source told them that Pattinson isn’t ready to commit.

And this is all just today’s news about the “Twilight’s” beloved actors. No wonder they’re getting tired of the media.

So…what’s the real story? In my opinion until I hear it from the horse’s mouth they’re just costars and that’s that!