Shannon Woodward and Robert Pattinson, just hanging
Not only has Shannon Woodward denied that she’s dating Robert Pattinson she has said she’s not even interested…shock, horror!!

Woodward told Hollywood Life that although Pattinson may be interested in dating someone new after his split from Kristen Stewart she has no interest in dating her friend the “Twilight” “Bel Ami” hunk.

On 31st August Woodward tweeted “FACTS: Crocs are not fashionable, Obama was born in the United States, and I am absolutely not trying to date Robert Pattinson.”

Woodward is currently starting in Fox comedy “Raising Hope” as Sabrina Collins.

Recently she spent the day at Disneyland with Katy Perry, and they invited Pattinson. This started the Internet rumor mill going!

A friend of Katy said “It was her decision to go to Disneyland with her best friend Shannon [Woodward] this past Saturday. She loves, loves, loves Disneyland and it is her favorite place on earth!

“She asked Rob [Pattinson] to join her and Shannon, but Rob didn’t want to get mobbed. Katy has been trying to be as supportive as she can for Rob. She understands what he’s going through and wants to help him. Katy has been urging Rob to go out and be silly and have fun!”

Seems like Perry and Woodward had only the best intentions at heart for RPattz.

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