Prince William

The royal is celebrating the birth of his first son with the Duchess of Cambridge on Monday, and is expected to claim just £137 a week for the next two weeks as statutory paid paternity leave.

The prince will then return to work at RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales, where he will resume his normal shift pattern as a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

When he does return to Wales, William could find himself lonely, as he will not be accompanied by his wife, who will stay with her parents in Buckinghamshire with the baby for the next six weeks.

The royal couple are said to be aiming to give their new arrival as normal an upbringing as possible, and are not looking for a full time nanny to help raise the baby. Instead, they have advertised for a housekeeper to help with chores and help them, but they will do much of the hands-on rearing of their baby themselves.

This is in keeping with the way the royal family has evolved over generations. While Prince Charles was mostly raised by nannies, he and the late Princess Diana were very involved in bringing up William and his brother, Prince Harry. However, two full-time royal nannies were also employed,Olga Powell and Barbara Barnes.

Olga was particularly well respected and stayed with the family for over 15 years, caring for both boys and helping them through the difficult period in the 90s when their parents split.

William was devastated when Olga died in 2012, and cancelled many engagements so he could attend her funeral.