Please everyone say a prayer for Poison's Bret Michaels who has been rushed to hospital with a massive brain hemorrhage.

Michaels, 47, is currently in critical condition and friends say it is touch-and-go as to whether the reality show star will survive.

He suffered an excruciating headache late Thursday night and was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

The hemorrhage is similar to the epidural hematoma suffered by actress Natasha Richardson last year.

Michaels - who was tipped to win this season's "Celebrity Apprentice" - only recently underwent an emergency appendectomy in Texas on April 12.

"They told me that if I had gone on stage like I wanted to, [my appendix] likely would have ruptured and I could have died," he said after his recent op.

"There is just no way around the fact that getting your appendix out HURTS. I have a pretty good threshold for pain, but this one hurts."