Portia de Rossi, now known as Portia DeGeneres, has revealed that the "shame" of being a lesbian cause her weight to drop as low as 90lbs.

Speaking to Women's Weekly, she said that she really struggled with her sexual identity. She said "It took a long, long time for me to think I had a problem. I was around 90 pounds and I remember feeling very afraid of food every night.

"I didn't want to walk past pizza restaurants because that would make me remember what it was like to eat pizza, and I was truly afraid that I was going to be overcome with the urge to binge and that if I started bingeing then I just wouldn't stop."

She recalled how terrified she was at the thought of coming out when she met, her wife, Ellen DeGeneres', the talk show host.

She said "I had such a long way to go before I could even be seen in public with a woman, much less be seen in public with that one."