Sinead O'Connor

After reading Sinead O’Connor’s online suicide pleas on Wednesday night Irish police went to her home to ensure her personal safety.

Online the Irish singer had admitted that she was heartbroken by the breakdown of her marriage to Steve Cooney last April. She also admitted that she had been seeing a psychiatrist.

The mother-of-four left a string of messages on her website which showed her desperate fragile state.


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She said the only reason she had launched an online search for a partner was due to her deep unhappiness. She explained “Truth is I only did all this for the last month cuz I was so depressed about my marriage breaking up and I got tired of crying.”

She continued “And tired of thinking I'm a sh*t person all day. So I thought I'd turn it into something funny. And it worked! And I had more fun last four weeks than I had for years. And had self-esteem.”

It seems that on Tuesday O’Connor had had a bad experience which tipped her over the edge. She said “Now I wish I was dead. No hope…Anyway…If anyone knows how I can kill myself without my kids finding out I did it deliberately please tell me.”

At 6.30pm she posted “I want to go to heaven so bad. Have for years…But I don't want to abandon my kids. But if I could die without them knowing I did it myself, I would.”

The alarm was raised by her Twitter followers were receiving a live feed of her posts.

Local police in Bray, County Wicklow were contacted by a concerned fan and a squad car was sent over.

On fan on Twitter wrote “So much love out there for you.” Another wrote “If anyone knows the lovely, clever, funny [Sinead O'Connor] can they go and give her the hugest hug.”