Crystal Harris “will always care” for Hugh Hefner, she expressed.

The aspiring singer was due to wed the Playboy mogul last month; though she called off the ceremony just days before she had been due to walk down the aisle, the blonde beauty insists there are no hard feelings between herself and her 85-year-old former lover.

She said: “I love Hef. I care about Hef and always will. We had good times together. I’ve been over there about three or four times since the breakup and we want to just stay friends.”

Crystal, 25, also revealed both she and Hugh had mutually agreed to call off the wedding when it became apparent she was unhappy.

She told ‘Access Hollywood’: “I got cold feet. Over time I just realised it wasn’t for me, it was all happening so fast."

“I actually spoke to Hef about it before I left and we both came to the decision that getting married wasn’t the best for either of us.”

Asked if the relationship was physical, she added: “In the beginning, but after a while it just wasn’t the most important thing to him.”

Speaking about their relationship, Crystal admitted they didn’t have sex very often. She said: “There was couch cuddling, movie nights. Hef’s like a big kid.”

Crystal also laughed off reports she is now dating Jordan McGraw – but didn’t dismiss the idea of embarking on a relationship with him one day. She insisted: “Jordan is one of my best friends, we’ve known each other for a year and he will continue to be one of my really good friends.

“Will we ever get together? We’ll see.”

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