It took Susan Boyle less than 12 months to become a worldwide star with a record breaking first album and a globe full of fans.

But instead of the singer and her team worrying about second album syndrome, they seem to have set a goal of a different type, integrating Subo into the world of hip hop!

Rather than continue with the winning formula that spawned "I Dreamed a Dream," team Boyle are intent on pushing the boundaries on the next album.

"They are looking at ballads and more musical style stuff, but this time around they want to try to make her a recording artist - original material and giving Susan a chance to show what she's really all about," an insider source told the Mirror newspaper.

"She's got an opportunity to find herself and she loves all sorts of music - including rap.

"Her management know that she's a huge success around the globe and if she were to work with one of the big stars of the rap world they know they'd probably have an instant hit on their hands if it was done correctly.

"Susan's open to anything right now and is looking forward to seeing what comes out of her more urban recording and writing sessions.

"They have songs lined up for Susan and they are a real departure from her first album."

Snoop Dogg has already spoken of his respect for SuBo's rise to stardom, and when a rapper and a businessman like Snoop is snooping around and talking a possible duet, then Subo better start thinking of getting her own crew together!