I think Piers Morgan is trying too hard on his new show replacing Larry King.

In his strive to be meaningful Morgan, who was born Stefen O'Meara, tries too hard to be deep and consequential.

But it is entertainment he is selling, not philosophy.

He'll get better when he grasps that but he comes from a culture , Parkinon, etc, where talk shows have more depth than their American equivalents.

I think he is keenly aware he's British in a very American medium, essentially the entertainment business.

Morgan's main background is tabloid journalism in Britain and he was darn good at it.

But a talk show is a very different type of creature.

He reminds me of the bright boy trying to please everyone , but too much the person he is interviewing.

A little more detachment might help,

Oprah seemed almost embarrassed at some points with the line of questioning as he was desperate to make a splash.

Howard Stern was a complete waste, He's been over for about a decade now and has nothing that shocks anyone any more to say.

Relax, Piers, it will all turn out fine.

You're already miles ahead of Larry King.