Piers Morgan has announced that Susan Boyle will be interviewed on his show “Life Stories”.

The presenter, who will be the succesor to Larry Kin, has had a soft spot for Susan Boyle since he met her on “Britain’s Got Talent”. Boyle skyrocketed to fame when she came in as runner up in the contest and won the worlds heart with her singing.

Morgan interviewed the singer and the interview will be aired on November 6 in Britain.

In his Live magazine column he said “a point, if you can, of watching my Susan Boyle Life Stories interview next Saturday night.

“This unlikely superstar has had to put up with people calling her mad, stupid and backward since she first burst to fame 18 months ago.”

“To all those who vilified her, I simply command you to watch our encounter, and see for yourself the intelligent, eloquent, passionate and incredibly endearing woman that I've always said she is.

'If Cheryl [Cole] was the most emotional interview I've done, then Susan is without a doubt the most surprising.”

After Boyle’s recent revelations about her horrific experiences of bullying during her youth it’s hard to imagine what else can possibly come out.

Boyle also has a new album coming out for Christmas. I’m sure many of her adoring fans are waiting with bated breath.