“America’s Got Talent’s” ruthless judge, Pier Morgan, will launch a celeb chat show on NBC.

His new show will be modelled on his current British-based show “Life Stories”.

“Barbara has just semi-retired, and I think there is an opportunity there for me,” he said.

He may be finalising the deal but whether he can replace the U.S. talk show Queen, Barbara Walters, will remain to be seen.

“I do one-on-ones like Barbara Walters. I am not an entertainment talk show, late night kind of guy. It is more biographical interviews."

The cocky presenter who has a history as a harsh tabloid journalist said “My big scoop was I got Sandra Bullock to say she wakes up every morning thinking how lucky she is to have Jesse as a husband. Four days later... "

Well we all know how that ended!

Sandy is just lucky he didn’t make her cry. Just some of the celebs that he has made sob are the British Prime Minister,Katie Price aka Jordan and Dannii Minogue.

It seems that Morgan is just what NBC are looking for. He doesn't sugar-coat anything!