Irish actor Pierce Brosnan has revealed that he may be reprising his role as a master thief in a sequel to the dashing "The Thomas Crown Affair."

Brosnan, 56, played a high-class art thief in the fast moving and stylish 1999 thriller, all the while playing a cat and mouse game with an investigator hot on his trail played by Rene Russo. The film was a spectacular remake of a 1968 film starring Steve McQueen. Most reviewers would say that it outclassed the original by a mile.

Brosnan, the former James Bond star, revealed that a screenplay has been written for a follow-up, and he's currently weighing up a deal with studio bosses.

"We have a script and a structure that is good and I hope we can do it, but it's not a definite," Brosnan said. Here's hoping the stars align on this one, it's one of his signature films.