Irish star Pierce Brosnan says that hunky Robert Pattinson has been thrown into a "ferocious limelight" by his success with "Twilight."

And even the suave Brosnan says he has to admit that Pattinson is rather "dashing." (So reserved in their praise, these Irish guys!)

Brosnan says that shooting “Remember Me” in New York in the summer of 2009 was a tough task given Pattinson's popularity.

Brosnan says that they were constantly surrounded by "a couple hundred screaming teenage girls every day."

"For any young actor to be thrown into the ferocious limelight as Robert has been – must take its toll. He worked very hard and I wish him every success."

In fact, the big-hearted Irish actor said that Robert "acquainted himself grandly."

“Remember Me” which stars Brosnan as Pattinson's father will be in theaters March 12.