Britain's Daily Mail newspaper offers one of the liveliest websites on the net, but the journos who put together the site’s copious celebrity news offerings must all be size zero, or maybe even negative size two.
Any time a celeb shows even an ounce of extra poundage the Mail pounces like a crazed fitness trainer, complete with catty headlines and snarky commentary even though the person in question pretty much always looks normal and healthy.

Piece Brosnan is the latest victim of the Mail’s obsession with perceived weight gain. Brosnan was out in LA doing his thing last week when some photog snapped a pic of him sporting a slight tummy that most soft, beer-bellied guys would be proud to own. “Diet another day: Pierce Brosnan makes no secret of big belly as he piles on the pounds” sniped the Mail.

“The Irish-born actor was sporting a rather rotund physique as he ran errands, and with his stomach dropping over his waistband, the 57-year-old is clearly not the sexy spy he used to be . . . the star made no effort to hide his burgeoning belly, wearing a tight white shirt that emphasized every unflattering bulge.”

Hilarious! We should all look as “unflattering” as the ageless Brosnan is. And we’d love to catch a glimpse of the genius who wrote such garbage – guaranteed he or she looks nowhere near as good as our Pierce!

Brosnan and his wife Keely are getting ready to move into their new mansion in Malibu, complete with every eco-friendly creation going.