Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
James Bond turns 50 this month, and Daniel Craig stars in the next installment of the lucrative spy franchise, Skyfall, which debuts before Thanksgiving.

But who is the meanest Bond of them all? Believe it or not Irishman Pierce Brosnan holds that distinction.  During the four Bond flicks he starred in – Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day – Pierce got to kill 76 baddies while the other Bond legends, Roger Moore and Sean Connery, notched 51 kills each.

Craig, meanwhile, snuffed only 25 enemies in his three films, so perhaps Bond is becoming kinder and gentler in his old age. And maybe less playful with the ladies – Craig’s Bond has only kissed four women, while Pierce got to smooch with a dozen girls. 

Moore is the lucky Bond who kissed the most Bond-ettes on film at 20, with Connery just behind at 18.