Gerard Butler and Pierce Brosnan
Scottish actor Gerard Butler recalls getting all banged up by his Irish counterpart Pierce Brosnan a few years back when they were filming Butterfly on a Wheel, which was renamed Shuttered for its 2007 U.S. release.

Though the film didn’t make much of an impression, Butler was left with a painful remembrance long after production shut down – a busted neck and some broken ribs.

Brosnan and Butler were shooting a chase scene in Vancouver, with Pierce behind the wheel of a Range Rover.  Pierce wound up losing control of the fancy car and crashing right into a wall, and Butler still vividly recalls the pain.

"Pierce ended up driving straight towards a wall and didn't apply the brakes in time and smashed right into it," Butler explains. "Initially we were fine, but I quickly realized my neck was out, my ribs came out, pretty painful stuff.”

Butler is no stranger to Ireland or Irish parts – he played the male lead in the film version of Cecelia Ahern’s best-selling Irish novel P.S. I Love You, also in 2007. The movie, which also starred Hilary Swank, saw Butler convert his Scottish brogue to an Irish one, and the results weren’t pretty.  
Now he’s getting a chance to put things right – kinda – by playing a crazy leprechaun in the upcoming film Movie 43, an ensemble comedy spoof which is due on January 25.

"Well I sounded like a leprechaun in P.S., why not give it a go for real," Butler says.

"That was literally one day on set and I keep forgetting that I did that film, but I can't wait for the reaction. It's either going to be a triumph or a disaster."