WE’VE said it before and we’ll say it again – Pierce Brosnan is a hunk who’s aging like fine wine . . . but the meanies at Britain’s top tabloid The Daily Mail can’t resist taking shots.

Pierce and his wife Keely were on a beach in Hawaii last week enjoying some fun in the sun, and wouldn’t you know it, a photog captured them on film. Some deluded headline writer at the Mail went to town and screamed “Brosnan shows off his expanding waistline on Hawaii break.”

Do you see evidence of an “expanding waistline” on Brosnan’s 57-year-old body? Neither do we, but the Mail just can’t resist taking a shot.

“He and his wife weren’t afraid to kick back and show-off their shapely curves on the beach in Hawaii . . . the formerly-toned Bond star was clearly having a great time easing his way into his later years,” sniped the anonymous writer of the piece.

How many men near the age of 60 would give anything to look as “shapely” as Brosnan?  And we’d love to get a load of what the person who wrote the piece looks like, too.