Now that we know Susan Boyle is working on her second Christmas album here are some suggestions for her top ten list of what should be on it.

1. 'Danny Boy.' Beautiful Irish air that Susan has the voice range for. It has been done (and murdered) by every major professional singer. Time for Susan to give it a whirl

2. 'Scotland the Brave.' Time she paid homage to the land that gave her birth. The unofficial national anthem of Scotland.

3. 'Still haven't found what I'm looking for'. U2 and Susan Boyle could be perfect together. And as a symbol of Susan herself and where she is in life its perfect.

4. 'The Last Farewell'. Roger Whittaker's English classic about love and separation, Susan would be wonderful on it.

5. 'My Way. ' So relevant for Susan and so perfect for her voice pitch. She did it her way.

6. 'Dream the Impossible Dream.' From the Man of La Mancha, the 1965 Broadway show. Again has such relevance for Susan and her life

7. 'Some Enchanted Evening.' From ;South Pacific', my personal favorite and would love to hear Susan's wonderful voice do it justice

8. 'Wind beneath my Wings.' Yes I know its a sloppy staple and everybody sings it but Susan could kill it

9. 'From a Distance.' Haunting , eerie song that Susan would love with its religious undertone. Perfect for her

10. 'Panis Angelicus'. Rumor has it she'll sing it for Pope Benedict when he visits Britain.

What are your suggestions?