More Coachella Rock Festival gossip! Sir Bob Geldof's daughter Pixie Geldof clearly approves of her sister Peaches new boyfriend.

Eli Roth, 37, joined his 21-year-old girlfriend Peaches and her younger sister Pixie at the music Festival in California this weekend and it was smiles all around.

Their party was completed by another as-yet-unknown young man, who held 19-year-old Pixie's hand possessively as they enjoyed the sunshine.

Peaches' new relationship with 37-year-old Eli appears to be going from strength to strength, since they first went public at the Oscars Vanity Fair party earlier this year.

Roth even leapt to her defence when naked images of her and a former fling flooded the web, insisting that everyone deserved a second chance. Even the 16-year age gap between the two can't diminish their passion. We wonder how long ti will last?