It seems that Doctor McDreamy (Irish American Patrick Dempsey) is going to be having a family reunion in series seven of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The best medical drama on TV is going to get another dose of family ties as Doctor Shephard’s sister Doctor Amelia Shepherd turns up in episode three.

The actress Caterina Scorson, plays Doctor Amelia Shepherd in “Private Practice”, a spin-off of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

In true dramatic, “Grey’s Anatomy” and Doctor McDreamy style the brother and sister have not spoken since she took drugs after the death of their father. reported "Family is family. Regardless of the strife and tension and drama between the family members, there's a bond and a connection that is so deep.

"Obviously Amelia has a lot of emotion surrounding Derek and that relationship and all the things they've been through together.

"There's a lot of unresolved emotions surrounding that whole relationship."

Nothing new at all then for our favorite Seattle drama.