Ryan O'Neal
The 'Love Story' star - who has four children, Tatum, 48, Griffin, 47, Patrick, 43, and 27-year-old Redmond, from three different relationships - underwent a DNA test following Jessica Zellars' claim he had fathered her son during a brief romance.

According to RadarOnline.com, it has now been proven Ryan - who had a long term relationship with Farrah Fawcett up until her death in 2009 - is not the dad and he is pleased the truth has now been revealed.

Ryan's representative Arnold Robinson said: "As we stated when this allegation was initially made, Mr. O'Neal never had sex with this woman, and we feel completely vindicated."

Following Jessica's allegations, Ryan - who has stage four prostate cancer - insisted Jessica was lying as he had never had a relationship with her.

His representatives said: "This woman's claim is ridiculous and false. She has been harassing and stalking Ryan. He never had a personal relationship with her. This will be the first time a woman got pregnant without having sex or in-vitro."