Paris Hilton has come up smelling of roses…a nice change from smelling like other people's stash!

The millionaire heiress has launched her 10th fragrance this week. Her new perfume is called Tease.

In the past she's dressed up as a mermaid, Mrs Santa, flamenco dancer and blue-winged fairy in adverts for her perfume but this time critics felt her efforts lacked originality.

Hilton turned up dressed like the 1950s style icon Marilyn Monroe in a skin-tight white Hervé Léger dress with a cream-coloured fur jacket.

She tweeted "At home getting ready for my Tease fragrance launch event. Getting dressed up as my Idol and Favourite Icon Marilyn. Loves it!"

So does that mean Marilyn endorses that product. Should someone explain a few things to Hilton?