The 30-year-old socialite is "so happy" in her relationship with Cy Waits, and while she admits they don't yet have any plans to marry, any developments in their romance will be shown on screen.

Asked if they have any plans to marry, Paris said: "We are so happy. It's almost been a year and a half now so we'll see what happens, but the show is going to show everything, so when that happens it will be on the show."

Paris – whose new TV show 'The World According to Paris' will be broadcast from June 1 in the US – also revealed she inspired by the long-lasting marriage between her parents Kathy and Richard.

She told website Hollyscoop: "We really live life to the fullest. I have amazing friends around me, an incredible boyfriend, and my family's the best.

"I really look up to my parents' relationship. I think it's so special how in love they are and how they’ve been together since my mom was 15."

Paris' mother Kathy has recently revealed how Cy has been given the seal of approval by her family, after they were previously uncertain of the reality TV star's choice of boyfriends.

She previously said: "There have been a few guys Paris has dated that I have openly told her were wrong for her. But Cy is amazing."