The 30-year-old socialite is renowned for her partying ways but Paris' assistant Lexie Dreyfus revealed the blonde beauty is fantastic with kids and loves spending time with boyfriend Cy Waits' seven-year-old daughter Shea from a previous relationship.

Lexie told US Star magazine: "She really is very good with children. She gets to have that maternal side come out in her and help with the little girl. She loves Paris, oh my god she loves Paris. Wouldn't you if you were a seven-year-old girl?"

Along with spending time shopping and putting on make-up with Shea, Lexie says Paris' idea of a good time is spending a quiet night at home with Cy and claims she has put her wild partying days behind her.

She added: "They're happy. They're in love. She loves him, he loves her. They haven't been fighting or anything. They're totally all good. I think [Cy]'s good for her. He's very chilled out, down to earth. He doesn't really like going to clubs or parties. She'll stay home more because she wants to be with him."