The 30-year-old hotel heiress split from the nightclub mogul after a year-and-a-half of dating earlier this week, but claims they have not separated on bad terms and will always love one another.

She told Hollyscoop: “We are friends. He's a great guy and he's always treated me amazing and we'll always be great friends."

Paris also discussed the demise of her relationship with US TV talk show host George Lopez, admitting she was very unhappy that Cy read her text messages.

After being quizzed by the presenter about Cy's jealous behaviour – which included checking her phone – that is shown in her new TV show 'The World According To Paris', she said: " I don't think anyone likes that to happen.

"We're not together anymore. I love him and we remain good friends.

"It's not about that [wanting to have fun], the relationship ran its course but we'll see what happens."

The reality TV star also admitted she tells new friends and boyfriends fake stories about herself as a "test" to find out if she can trust them.

She explained: "There's one test I do with new people in my life, I tell them a fake rumour and see if it's printed in tabloids the next week and then I know if I can trust them or not."