Paris Hilton is done with Lindsay Lohan

The blonde socialite has hit out at the 27-year-old actress claiming that she is on her "naughty list" after she allegedly arranged for Paris' brother Barron Hilton to be beaten up.

Speaking to the paparazzi as she left the airport in Los Angeles, she said: "She's on my naughty list this year."

When ask if she thinks she'd ever make up with Lindsay, she gave a stern, "No".

Paris was determined to make the troubled star "pay" for allegedly arranging for Ray Lemoine to smash up Barron's face at a house party in Miami on December 6.

However, the investigation into the beating has now been closed as Barron, 24, is reportedly being uncooperative with police.

The 'Liz & Dick' star previously fell out with Paris in 2006 when society heir Brandon Davis launched a huge rant against Lindsay, egged on by the socialite and businesswoman.