This is the second time this month that the millionaire heiress, Paris Hilton, has been hauled in by police on suspected drug possession. And yet again she got off.

Paris was nabbed by the police when she flew in to France with cannabis in her handbag. Having landed on a private jet at Figari Paris was stopped by officers when a sniffer dog alerted them to the illegal substances.

It’s strange how cannabis turns up in her handbag twice in one month and both times it had nothing to with her. Of course who hasn’t been in this situation themselves!!

According to a local newspaper, Corse-Matin, Paris was released shortly afterward due to the small amount of cannabis found on her person.

Police told reporters “'Hilton was taken aside as she landed at Figari. She was searched in a secure area of the airport police station and an amount of cannabis that weighed less than a gram, was found in her handbag,”

“Due to the small amount of the substance, she was cautioned to not travel with drugs then released within an hour with no criminal charges. The drug was confiscated and destroyed.”

However, good old Paris didn’t let a little bit of guff with the law ruin her holiday. She was on her way to meet her sister Nicky and a group of friends to board a super yacht belonging to a Las Vegas millionaire businessman.

Since catching up with her group she’s been posting photos of her blasting round the Mediterranean on jet skis. She tweeted “Our yacht is incredible! Has its ownpool, hot tub, movie theatre, recording studio, spa/massage room, gym, arcade room, helicopter pad and the most beautiful bedrooms and decor. I'm in Heaven on the water. Definitely the biggest and best yacht everywhere we go. Loves it! Huge!”

It’s good to see that she’s taking time for some self reflection after her second run-in in with the law.