Viiperi and Hilton
The hotel heiress and her Spanish boyfriend have jetted off to Aspen, Colorado for a week of fun in the snow, where they have been snuggling up by the fire in a chalet watching Christmas movies in between tacking extreme sports on the slopes.

Paris tweeted: "Just had a relaxing deep tissue massage. Now in bed with @RiverViiperi cuddling by the fire watching Home Alone. Love Christmas movies."

She added: "Going to bed, Getting up early to go skiing and snowmobiling. Can't wait for another adventurous day in the snow. Sweet dreams everyone."

The camera-loving couple - who are spending their first Christmas together - are keeping their fans updated by tweeting their every move and posing for a series of holiday snaps in the idyllic resort.

The 31-year-old fashionista certainly came well prepared for the trip, stocking up on a whole new wardrobe of top-of-the-range ski-wear before jetting off to the mountains on Monday.

She posted: "Love all the ski and snowboarding outfits that I bought today at @BurtonLAFlagship. Can't wait to go skiing in #Aspen. #YES! (sic)"

In between hitting the slopes and shopping, the socialite has taken time to reflect on how lucky she is to be enjoying such "magical" scenery.

She wrote: "Can't wait to have a romantic and magical time at my favorite ski resort. / Aspen is so beautiful. Feel so happy and blessed to be here.#ChristmasVacation (sic)"