The ‘Little Fockers’ star’s girlfriend Jade Duell gave birth to a healthy baby boy who they have named Ford Linton Wilson on Friday in Hawaii.

The baby, who weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, was reportedly born naturally via a water birth at their oceanfront home in Maui, with Jade’s labor lasting 18 hours.

A source told "Owen and Jade are thrilled! Owen has been doing a celebratory hula dance all afternoon! It's a beautiful boy and everyone is incredibly happy!"

Jade’s pregnancy had been a secret until this week, with it only announced on Monday (10.01.11) that Jade was pregnant.

A source told at that time how first time dad Owen, 42, was “very excited and involved” in the pregnancy, adding: “He has been doing research and learning as much as he can.

"He's super into it and asks a lot of questions to make sure he knows what's going on every step of the way."

Jade’s uncle, John Duell, has said her whole family is “thrilled” about the news, and it is thought her parents flew to Hawaii to be with her for the birth.

Jade and Owen have been dating for over a year, and it is not known if they plan to marry, but Owen has previously given some insight into how he realized Jade could be the one for him.

He said: “When you stop talking about yourself and you're more open to listening to what they're interested in and what they want to talk, that's how you know.

“Maybe you're more open to even renting a movie like ‘Steel Magnolias’. Before you know it, you're getting late fees for ‘Sleepless in Seattle’.”