Daniel Day Lewis

Who knew Abe Lincoln’s screen self was smothered with so many tattoos?

Daniel Day-Lewis, who won this year’s Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Honest Abe in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, was snapped on the Sicilian coast last week taking a break on Spielberg’s yacht, and his tats were, well . . . what is it they say about saying nothing if you have nothing nice to say?

The British/Irish standout star, 56, was with his wife Rebecca, son Cashel and some friends enjoying the warm Italian break courtesy of Spielberg.  DDL looks ripped, but what about all that ink!

There’s all kinds of stuff going on – flowers and mermaids and hands which are supposedly those of the two sons he had with his wife.  For his role some years back playing Irish boxer Barry McGuigan in The Fighter he allegedly gave himself a tattoo, which doesn’t really surprise given the methodical way he prepares for his roles.