Ben Affleck

The Oscar-winning actor-and-director - who has daughters Violet, seven and Seraphina, four, as well as 15-month-old son Samuel with wife Jennifer Garner - has revealed he's not interested in adding to his brood and is content with having just three children.

He insisted to 'Extra': "That's not going to happen. We're in a really good place. Three is good! That's enough!"

The 40-year-old star wed Jennifer, 41, in 2005 after meeting on the set of action film 'Daredevil', and the devoted husband and father has previously described raising a family with the actress as the "greatest" achievement of his life.

He said: "[Our children are] sweet. It's great. Raising kids is the greatest thing I think a person, or at least I, could ever do in my life. I know what the best part of my life is and it's my kids and it doesn't mean there aren't other things that aren't great, but I know sort of what the centre is."

However, the 'Argo' star admits he isn't perfect and has to work hard to juggle his family life and work life
He said: "If you're not working on spending time with your kids, then why'd you have a family to begin with?

At least, if you're able to. Some folks can't even, don't have that time. So I'm trying to do both and you know, just figuring it out as it comes. I certainly don't pretend to have all the answers."