Anne Hathaway 

The 30-year-old actress attended the Victory Fund Champagne Brunch in Beverly Hills with her husband Adam Shulman on Sunday, Oct 20, but she failed to hold back the tears when she took to the stage to introduce cancer specialist Dr. Beth Karlan, who recently helped her friend beat the disease.

With Adam by her side and her eyes welling up with tears, she told the crowd: "On a personal note, Dr. Karlan helped a beloved friend of mine ... excuse me.

"She helped a beloved friend of mine battle cancer recently and I couldn't be more grateful to her. Dr. Karlan, you are more than just my friend's doctor. You're a friend and ally. And I'm happy to say that together you kicked that cancer's ass."

It's not the first time Anne has broken down in tears this year as her emotions got the better of her at the Oscars in February after she picked up an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her tear-stained portrayal of Fantine, who she played in the big screen adaptation of musical 'Les Miserables.'

Speaking to reporters backstage, she began her speech by saying: "It came true."

She was then asked to explain what she meant and came over all emotional before adding: "I had a dream."
The brunette beauty then picked up her award and continued: "And it came true. And that can happen and that's wonderful. And so that was all I was saying, was that it can and it did."