Not quite Michael Phelps - Niall Horan topless
Despite already holding worldwide fame in the palm of his hand, One Direction’s Niall Horan tweeted on Saturday that he wishes he were more like famed US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

“@georgie_hawkes yeh im the same, watchin the heats of the swimmin on the telly! Just wana be like phelps,” Horan tweeted on Saturday.

Unfortunately for both Horan and Phelps, the American swimmer gave an underwhelming performance during his first showing at the London Olympics. Phelps still has more chances to reclaim the glory he cinched in 2008 with more races to come in London.

Horan, native of Mullingar in Ireland, along with the rest of his bandmates in One Direction are reportedly a part of the Olympics massive closing ceremonies and will be performing with other great British acts including The Spice Girls and Adele. One Direction was formed via the 2010 UK X Factor competition under the leadership of Simon Cowell.