One Direction’s resident Irishman Niall Horan
One Direction’s resident Irishman Niall Horan is very much looking forward to taking a break from being a popstar to return home to Mullingar to spend Christmas with his family and friends.

“I’ve never been away from home for Christmas and I don’t think I ever will be,” Horan told the Irish Sun newspaper.

“I will be back in Ireland again this year — and I’ll be eating until I feel sick!"

“We have little traditions like going to the pub on Christmas Eve and watching telly all day. It will be the same as always and that’s what I love about it.”

Niall’s father Bobby added that his son is no superstar upon arriving home: “I might want to ask a lot of questions about what is going on in the band— but Niall just wants to be himself when he gets home."

“We talk about soccer and everything else like we always have when he gets home.”

Bobby added, “He has the same friends he will call down to. He is just our Niall once he gets back — that really shows the lovely fella that he is.”

But will Niall have a security detail while spending time at home in Mullingar? “The band’s management are sticklers for security and the boys have at least one minder with them wherever they go."

“It is hoped that when they go home for Christmas this can be relaxed but no one wants to take any chances. Their safety is paramount.”