One Direction's Niall Horan

With worldwide fame comes worldwide haters, it seems, for the lads of One Direction. Twitter proves to be a breeding ground for trolls and criticism directed at all the boys, including Mullingar native Niall Horan.

Within weeks of bandmate Zayn Malik shutting down his Twitter account due to the abuse he was receiving, Horan spoke out about his own experiences with Twitter trolls.

"I refuse to read the bad things and abuse that people post online to me, and it's only a small minority that say bad stuff," Niall told Yahoo OMG.

"It's a few brave girls sitting behind a computer thinking they can do and say whatever they want.

"I know other celebrities get freaked out about the death threats but I'm really carefree about it.

"I know more people like me than hate me, so I just chill," he added. "And if anyone wants to take a hit at me, I've got my big burly bodyguards: they're not going to get past them!"

Seems like Horan has got his head in the right spot!

The members of One Direction are getting some well deserved R and R before they gear up for the release of their sophomore album this fall, followed by another year of touring.