Niall Horan
Drivers, watch out! One fifth of the UK’s hottest pop boyband One Direction, Niall Horan is reportedly preparing to take his drivers test.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Niall’s brother Greg Horan said “Niall is working on sorting out his driver’s licence in London and then he might splash out on a Range Rover or something.”

However, while Greg speculates that his brother Niall may splurge on a Range Rover, he insists that his brother is smart when it comes to money. “He’s not going to go out and blow all his money and I’m sure when he sees a house he wants he will buy it.”

Some of Niall’s One Direction bandmates have recently made headlines by treating themselves to luxurious gifts, including new bachelor pads and top of the line cars, something to which Greg believes Niall doesn’t feel the pressure to follow.

Niall’s brother said, “He is very independent and will do what he wants at the end of the day, but I can’t see him ever losing the run of himself.”

“When Niall is back home, he is just Niall and there’s not much talk about the band. He still has the same friends and wants to go to the same places, and we still treat him the same.”

Speaking to the seemingly endless rumors about Horan’s love life, Greg confirmed that “He’s still single and I don’t think having a girlfriend is for him at the minute — just because he is so busy.”