Niall Horan
Twitter tells all Mr Horan. And the adventures of Niall Horan of late haven’t been great.

After a really successful tour in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, Niall and the boys are back in the UK for some well earned rest but Niall’s journey back to the UK seems to have been a bumpy ride.

Following an amazing successful couple of weeks it’s no wonder the Mullingar lad is tired. He tweeted “Not feeling the best! Sore all over! Under the weather as they say," Niall said, before continuing, "that was a long day, feeling a tad bit better, need a good nights sleep." [sic]

Unfortunately the prognosis wasn’t good. Later on he tweeted, “Food poisoning not good!”

However, this didn’t stop the scallywag flirting with British “X Factor” winner Alexandra Burke. He was looking for some TLC from the R&B star.

He tweeted “Since im gona be sooo tired n jetlagged when im home..ur gona havta help me out hahahaha. i joke xxx."

The poor young fella finally made it back safe and sound but apparently he’ll be keeping his head down for the next week. He said “Yessss! Back in london! Sleep for the next week, don't wana see a sole”.

We’ll believe it when we see it Horan!