Louis Tomlinson of One Direction

The One Direction singer admits his "perfect day" would be spent with the people he was close with in Doncaster, Northern England, before finding fame.

Asked by The Sunday Life newspaper to describe his perfect day, Louis - who is in a long-term relationship with Eleanor Calder - said: "I'd like to go back home and do the kind of things I used to do before the band. I'd go and have a kick around with my friend Stan and my other friends from school.
"I'd spend some time with my family and have dinner at my grandma's house and then have the evening to chill out with my girlfriend."

And it seems the 'Kiss You' singer isn't the only member of the band to be experiencing homesickness.

Liam Payne has barely had time to visit his hometown of Wolverhampton since finding fame on 'The X Factor' in 2010 and would even happily go back to school for a day, just to regain some normality.

He said: "I miss my home town a lot. We were kind of pulled out of home after 'The X Factor' and we didn't realise that we may not be going back. We've hardly been back at all and I do miss Wolverhampton ... I really like going into the town centre and shopping and doing things like sitting on the sofa watching Friends. I'd even like to go back to school for a day."