Tomlinson and Calder
The One Direction heartthrob is in a happy relationship with Eleanor Calder and says, despite the amount of female attention he gets, he has always been happier when he's settled in his personal life.

The 20-year-old hunk said: "I've never been like that. Even my mates at school would take the p**s out of me about it. I've never been bothered about sleeping around."

Louis is absolutely smitten with Eleanor and says she fully understands the pressures he's under with the band.

He added in an interview with the latest edition of Now magazine: "Without being too soppy, I'm incredibly happy with the way me and Eleanor are. The great thing about it is that when I started seeing her I was already in the band. It makes things easier in the respect she already knows now that's the way it is. She's very easy-going too, which is really important."