Harry Styles from One Direction
One Direction's Harry Styles has revealed the best way for girls to get him interested in dating them is by playing hard to get.

The singer has dated many women including older lady Caroline Flack.

His advice for potential girlfriends is to allow him to chase them.

He said: "The fun part is the chase, so if you speak to me, play a bit hard to get."

The teenager explained that it is not as thrilling for a love interest to give him want he wants straight away.

He told Top Of The Pops magazine: "I think it's attractive when someone turns you down. You don't want someone to say yes straight away, do you?"

Despite his success in scoring ladies, Harry thinks he is not great at chatting up females.

He said: "I think you have to be cool to be a good flirt - and I don't think I'm very cool."

Recently, the married DJ who had an affair with Harry split from her husband.

Lucy Horobin, 33, and Oliver Pope, 31, have apparently been arguing about the fling and the stress became too much so they have decided to get a divorce.

The pair had battled to save their one-year marriage, and insisted it was stronger, after news of Lucy's romance with the star broke.