One Direction
The One Direction heartthrob hit the headlines last year when he embarked on a relationship with TV presenter Caroline Flack despite an almost 15 year age difference and although things have fizzled out, Harry told a friend it was the most physical relationship he had ever had.

Friend Will Sweeney told The People newspaper: “I asked him what it was like with a woman that much older. He said it was weird but more physical than anything he’d experienced before. He definitely enjoyed his time with Caroline but the age gap was too much, I think.

“Harry is just making the most of it and living every boy’s dream.”

However, the dream has turned into a nightmare for Harry,18, as he has been subjected to a hate campaign by bullies in his hometown who are jealous of his success.

Will explained: “There’s been a lot of resentment and jealousy towards Harry’s success. It’s so sad, a lot of these people used to be his friends but now they hate him. They say it’s because he left us for fame and fortune.

“It really upsets Harry because he’s a sensitive guy. They call him a d***head and refer to him as a t**t. It gets him down. He thought people would be proud of him.”