Niall Horan

The 'Best Song Ever' hitmakers - completed by Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik - have claimed they would want to try something different if they made a follow-up to their 3D blockbuster.

Speaking about what a second film could featured, Louis told MTV News: "More of Niall's nips. And definitely some more American and Australian tour stuff 'cause we didn't have the time to film that."

Meanwhile, his band mate Liam joked the movie would have to include the undead and be presented as more of a 'mockumentary'.

He added: "We want to do a spoof version. Like a zombie version, 'That Wasn't Us.' "

It seems the duo are set on the humorous ideas, and Liam noted it would be fun to combine them into a mash-up of a sequel.

He joked: "A zombie film that will start in Australia with Niall's zombie nips."

While director Morgan Spurlock might not get behind the ideas being brainstormed by the band, he did insist a follow-up would have to do something to differentiate itself from 'This Is Us'.

He said: "I feel like this film you get access you get intimacy. I think the next film if we end up doing another one would be a very different process and a very different project."